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Clean air and water is essential to support Alaska’s huge and diverse ecosystem. Trustees for Alaska has a long history of protecting the clean water and wildlife resources. From our earliest days challenging Susitna Hydroelectric Project to today’s fights for Seward Alaska’s harbor and against Pebble Mine, Trustees for Alaska hold our clean air and water as key program in our mission.

Trump’s suspension of environmental laws cannot stand

In March, the federal agency responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws that protect public health, control pollution, and protect ecosystems and livelihoods made the unprecedented announcement that it would suspend enforcement of federal environmental regulations during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement generated immediate and fervent uproar on social media and in newspapers, and the EPA made a belated attempt to assuage public outrage by issuing an antagonistic press release, accusing the press of “reckless propaganda.” But the truth is, the EPA’s action will allow industry to pollute without penalty, even as families and communities do everything in their power to stop the spread of a novel coronavirus.… Read More

Seattle fish tales

We went to Seattle this month to celebrate the connection between Alaska salmon and the Pacific Northwest.

What we learned in our short Seattle stay is that many of our neighbors to the south understand the importance of protecting Alaska salmon and natural places. … Read More

Trump’s EPA paves way for Pebble

Politics, power and pandering mean more to the Trump administration than clean water, thriving fisheries, and healthy Alaska communities. The withdrawal of the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency Proposed Determination to protect Bristol Bay on July 30 proves that Trump’s EPA … Read More

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