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Alaska is experiencing the impacts of climate change more intensely than the rest of the nation: limiting the causes and consequences of climate change.

Taking the Willow project to court. Again.

Five days after a court ruling gave ConocoPhillips the go ahead to plow forward with its massive Willow oil and gas project, we appealed the decision to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Soon, we will file a motion requesting that the court stop construction on Willow while the Ninth Circuit Court hears our case.

There’s so much at stake for the Arctic and the planet. And so, we fight.… Read More

Do Interior’s latest actions mean the Arctic is finally protected? Not yet. The devil is in the details.

The Biden administration did several things earlier this month that could lead to enduring protections for the Arctic and potentially make meaningful headway on climate change. First, the Interior Department cancelled the last remaining oil leases stemming from the reckless Trump-era lease sale for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.… Read More

Why I want to swim with whales. Alaska News Brief July

Talking about the weather isn’t chitchat anymore.

When wildfires turn the sky apocalyptic orange hundreds of miles away, when floods turn city infrastructure to rubble, when heat makes walking outside lethal, it isn’t filler conversation—it is THE conversation. This is where sperm whales come in; when I feel disheartened, frustrated, angry at our species, I want to hang out with whales…… Read More

Alaska News Brief February 2023. I’m still shoveling. Let the celebration begin!

Here we are, well into Alaska’s notorious faux spring, where we’re so excited about the returning light that we forget we’ve got another two or three months of deep winter. If you love snow, Anchorage sure has it. I don’t mean to pour water on those fired up about playing in snow, but I’d be happy to do less shoveling. Especially since I’ve mostly run out of places to put it and I’m having trouble throwing snow that high!

I guess that’s the state of play for Trustees, too.… Read More

Between a rock and a hard place: the road to Ambler

In the first piece in our series on mining in Alaska, we talked about how the push for green energy mining could replace one catastrophe with another.

The Ambler road project is the poster child. The project is being promoted by the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, a state agency with little to no legislative oversight, an insulting lack of public transparency, and a rigid agenda impervious to good sense.… Read More

Stories can teach, stories can lie: Alaska News Brief April 2022

It doesn’t take long spending time with dogs, bears, birds and bees to know they communicate. Some animals even manipulate. Only human animals uniquely share knowledge, wisdom, tall tales and lies through stories. The writer Margaret Atwood describes the origin of storytelling as the coupling of language with concepts of the past, present, and future to help people learn about what happened before—to teach people things to avoid having to learn by trial and error every time.… Read More

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