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Make your click matter by picking Trustees!

Right now and until March 31, Alaskans can support Trustees for Alaska through Pick.Click.Give. when filing for the 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend. This way of giving helps Trustees keep an eye on issues that threaten clean water, clean air, public … Read More

An Alaska way of giving

It’s that time of year for Alaskans to Pick.Click.Give. to Alaska nonprofits that help create a healthy, sustainable future for our state. This Alaska way of giving can help us protect clean water and air, healthy land and communities, and in taking climate action with a positive impact. … Read More

Alaska New Brief March 2021: A year can change everything… and nothing

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since we first hunkered down due to the pandemic.

The concept of time has been unreal—it dragged, it sped up, it stood still. And in the midst of it all, we faced an existential crisis to our democracy, an ongoing racial reckoning, and so much loss—the loss of so many lives to COVID and racist violence and injustice. The loss of connection to family, friends, coworkers, social gatherings, and even purpose and meaning. A year can change everything and nothing at all. The months from last March to this March certainly proves it.… Read More

Pick.Click.Give. for the trees, the land, and so much more

Dulce Ben-East, co-owner of Alaska Wild Harvest, shares her story about how she helps keep Alaska land, water, animals, and people healthy. “The health of our forests is intricately tied to our climate. In Alaska, the temperature is rising at three times the rate of the Lower 48. Our forests and fisheries are struggling to survive. Not only is forest health integral to my business, it is integral to the health of fisheries, wildlife, air and water, and people. …”… Read More

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