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The staff, clients, board – this dedicated team works day in and day out to empower people to stand up for their rights and keep Alaska wild.

Joanna is finishing her legal fellowship. She has words.

Two years ago, I left my position as a disability rights attorney to follow a vastly different pursuit —conservation.

It was an exciting and daunting move that has been well worth the transition. The last few years have been packed with professional growth and new perspectives. It’s been incredibly rewarding and I’m finishing my two-year fellowship a better and more inspired advocate.… Read More

A recipe for well being

By Brian Litmans, legal director Just after I graduated from law school in 2001, I read a story about a federal attorney litigating cases for Health and Human Services in D.C. who, at the age of 30 and after only … Read More

This seasick soul is lovesick for the sea

I never expected to find peace and well-being at sea. For most of my life I wasn’t an ocean person. I loved the beach, but I would get seasick every time I left the shore. The thought of open ocean sounded like torture.

So, I surprised quite a few people a few years ago when I decided to join some friends on a sailboat trip through the Panama Canal and up the west coast of Panama to Costa Rica. I was emerging from the fog of the first few years of being a new parent and felt restless for an adventure. I put my faith in some seasickness patches and went for it.… Read More

From disillusionment to advocacy–my path to environmental law

Growing up, I probably wouldn’t have considered myself an “environmentalist.”

No, I wasn’t a climate denier or serial-litterer. I was always – and still am – a big lover of the outdoors and would have supported anything to protect it!

Rather, I was disillusioned with the conservation and environmental movement as I had perceived it in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, and as I related to it as a person of color. … Read More

My summers with dirt

By Tracy Lohman Gardening is my obsession. The first bite into a vine-ripe tomato slays me, but the main reason I garden is to be outside and bask in “no jacket required” summer days. We had a lot of those … Read More

The gift of good guidance: Alaska News Brief July 2022

Summer officially runs from summer solstice on June 21 to the fall equinox on September 22, but in Alaska it feels more fleeting. Already, it seems half gone.

Maybe it’s because the changes in light feel palpable, and plant and garden growth comes so fast you can hardly keep up.

Salmon runs suddenly get hot and then quickly wane; berries get plump and within weeks picked over by bears and dogs and humans; shorts and t-shirt days feel almost oppressive when coupled with wildfire smoke and no wind, yet will soon give way to the first frost.… Read More

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