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The staff, clients, board – this dedicated team works day in and day out to empower people to stand up for their rights and keep Alaska wild.

Turning to the sea

Our longtime friend and supporter Nancy Lord used to set-net on the west side of Alaska’s Cook Inlet. Beluga whales “often passed our camp in huge pods, often more than a hundred at a time, and sometimes when we were in our skiff we’d cut the motor just to drift among them,” she said. “They always avoided our nets.” … Read More

A legacy runs through it

A red and white bobber brought Stacy Studebaker to Alaska.
Her journey started when she was just 5 or 6 years old, and her father gave her a bamboo fishing rod with a bobber, hook, and worm.
She grew into and out of fishing gear over the years as the two of them fished from the East Coast to the West Coast, from Florida to the Rocky Mountains, from the southeast to the Far North.
“They say the love of nature develops in the hearts of fly fishermen,” Stacy said.
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Alaska Brief–January 2020

I started at Trustees in 1994
as an intern working on Cook Inlet water quality issues, and later as a staff attorney and legal director who took the Pebble project to court in 2009. Yep,
we’re in court again on Pebble, and still fighting to keep pollutants out of Cook Inlet, but our partnerships and coalitions have evolved and grown.

In my nearly six years as
executive director, I’ve learned one thing–that change is coming, even when it
feels like the change we need won’t budge. … Read More

A reflection on Dr. King’s dream

We believe that you cannot separate the fight for civil rights and human rights from the fight for clean water and healthy foods—i.e., salmon returning to unpolluted rivers and caribou nourished on unindustrialized lands—and for the peoples’ voice and agency over their homelands and communities. Here, we share some of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that inspires our work. … Read More

Alaska Brief–December 2019

It’s our birthday on Dec. 16–and this year we get to blow out 45 candles! We may need to invest in some carbon credits! 😉

To celebrate, we’d like to take a deep breath and reflect with
gratitude on all the people who commit to taking care of Alaska, the planet,
and each other. We want to first acknowledge and honor the leaders and elders
who have come before us, guided us, and taught us to think generations ahead.… Read More

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