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Alaska Brief–November 2019

Most of us know someone–or are someone–who finds it hard or even impossible to sit in the same room with a family member because of politics. It makes sense considering the chasms that have worsened these past few years. Many of us feel threatened in one way or another and struggle with how to bridge the divide. Building bridges across the dinner table can help us mend and come together to solve the problems ahead of us. … Read More

Alaska Brief–October 2019

When people use the phrase “for the birds,” they trivialize what they consider unimportant, but there’s a reason we talk about the canary in the coal mine. What happens to the birds happens to us. We cannot untangle our health … Read More

Cold with a chance of bears

I have experienced many, many bear encounters–coastal brown bears in southwest and southeast Alaska, and black bears in central Alaska—but when I joined a trip to Barter Island with five other participants I got my first chance to see the “white bears” as the people we met in the Arctic called them. … Read More

What will climate do to us?

What worries an Alaska climate expert? When climate specialist Rich Thoman of the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks shared graphs and data with Anchorage residents last week, he pointed out a bevy … Read More

Falling in love with Alaska

Tracy Lohman does development work for Trustees, and has lived in Alaska for nearly 30 years. Here she talks about falling in love with Alaska every day. I arrived in Alaska summer solstice 1990. A local told me that the … Read More

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