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The NPRA leasing process is broken

The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska —also known as the Western Arctic—provides rich wildlife habitat that nourishes the animals and people who rely on its continued health. Yet the Bureau of Land Management continues to hold lease sales in the area without … Read More

Alaska Brief–May 2019

The Arctic got hot early this year. Klawock hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit in March, the earliest 70-degree day ever recorded in Alaska. Arctic sea ice has hit a record low. Temperatures surged 30 to 40 degreesFahrenheit above average across the … Read More

Alaska Brief–April 2019

Happily, the sun has returned, with wild flowers, devil’s club, mosquitoes, bears, and salmon right behind it.  It seems like spring prompts us to clean up after the long winter. We rid ourselves of what we don’t need and make … Read More

Alaska Brief–February 2019

People power makes a difference. The Alaskans who took control of the Fairbanks public hearing on oil and gas leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this month were not protesters. As Jenny Bell June points out, they were protectors .  They were Alaskans … Read More

It’s about my home

Help us fight for the future of Alaska salmon  Bristol Bay salmon broke all records this summer. The largest recorded run of sockeye salmon–an amazing 62.3 million–returned to Bristol Bay in 2018. This brought a collective sigh of relief to … Read More

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