Mission and History
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Mission & History

Our Mission

We use the law to protect and defend Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people.

With our expertise not only in Federal statutes and regulations but also in Alaska’s unique legal framework – Alaska is the only state with an entire constitutional article aimed at safeguarding natural resources within its boundaries – we have set legal precedents and won significant victories.

Our Vision

A wild and vibrant Alaska where fish, wildlife, and people thrive.

Values we live by

  • Foresight in anticipating and preparing for new environmental threats
  • Passion for protecting the wildlands, wildlife, and people of Alaska
  • Leadership in our approach to emerging conservation issues and priority campaigns
  • Respect for people, cultures, and environment
  • Excellence in our work
  • Innovation in the way we use the law to protect Alaska
  • Integrity in who we are and how we work
  • Perseverance in addressing our challenges

Our History

Trustees for Alaska is a homegrown nonprofit public interest environmental law firm established in 1974.

We provide legal services to protect and defend public lands, waterways, wildlife, wild foods, clean air and water, and communities. We work for a variety of clients who bravely fight for their rights and natural resources. Our client list includes local and national conservation groups, Native villages, Alaska communities, citizen groups, statewide coalitions, hunting and fishing groups, and individual Alaskans.

We offer our services free of charge to most Alaska clients because they could not otherwise access or afford an attorney. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to build legal strategies that integrate with our united goals, grassroots organizing efforts, education and media campaigns, and administrative and legislative initiatives. The collaborative and cooperative relationships we have developed with our partners is one of our great strengths.

We work on issues ranging from oil and gas development and large mining projects to public land use, air and water pollution, toxic waste storage and disposal, and the protection of wildlife, wild foods, and marine environments. Our efforts range from helping villages protect their food and water sources to addressing the harms caused by a changing climate—particularly impacts to Arctic and subarctic ecosystems and communities—by reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel extraction.



Trustees for Alaska founded

Established as a homegrown nonprofit public interest environmental law firm.


Trustees for Alaska v. James Watt

Trustees files a lawsuit against Secretary of the Interior, James Watt, following his decision to open up U.S. coastal waters to drilling, violating the National Wildlife Refuge Administration Act and Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

The lawsuit represented our first major legal challenge to federal actions threatening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Trustees ended up winning the case.


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50th Anniversary

Celebrating our 50th year of protecting Alaska's lands, waters, wildlife, and communities.