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On poppy blooms and companionship: Alaska News Brief June 2022

When a Himalayan poppy blooms, you know summer has come.

When families saunter by with dogs in tow and kids on whatever set of wheels they ride; when open windows barely cool you off and tending the yard works up a sweat; when the pollinators swarm and the rhubarb erupts.

Yes, this summer has arrived with the reminder that companionship exists all around us, even if we forget, even when we’re curled up with our own sadness or toil or rapture. We will always lose what we love, and always love what we must someday lose.… Read More

What will it take to permanently protect Bristol Bay? First, speak out.

The EPA is listening, so speak up to protect Bristol Bay salmon, water, and communities. You can help permanently protect Bristol Bay and all the lives, livelihoods and ways of life it sustains.

In late May, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made a move toward protecting Bristol Bay by releasing a revised proposed determination under the Clean Water Act Section 404(c) that would prohibit and restrict the use of some Bristol Bay headwaters as disposal sites for mining waste. The comment period runs through July 5. … Read More

A Supreme betrayal: Alaska News Brief May 2022

We like to believe that certain groups of people, when given the right knowledge, experience, education, guidelines, etc., can make decisions for all of us without bias or agenda. One such body is the Supreme Court, the “highest” adjudicating body in the United States and the final authority on the law.

Let me tell you, we have a lot to worry about right now.… Read More

Stories can teach, stories can lie: Alaska News Brief April 2022

It doesn’t take long spending time with dogs, bears, birds and bees to know they communicate. Some animals even manipulate. Only human animals uniquely share knowledge, wisdom, tall tales and lies through stories. The writer Margaret Atwood describes the origin of storytelling as the coupling of language with concepts of the past, present, and future to help people learn about what happened before—to teach people things to avoid having to learn by trial and error every time.… Read More

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