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Alaska Brief–December 2019

It’s our birthday on Dec. 16–and this year we get to blow out 45 candles! We may need to invest in some carbon credits! đŸ˜‰

To celebrate, we’d like to take a deep breath and reflect with
gratitude on all the people who commit to taking care of Alaska, the planet,
and each other. We want to first acknowledge and honor the leaders and elders
who have come before us, guided us, and taught us to think generations ahead.… Read More

Seeking legal staff now!

While the Trump and Dunleavy administrations continue efforts to make Alaska a resource colony for Outside exploiters, we continue using our legal expertise to protect sacred places, public lands, clean water and air, the natural systems that nourish life, and the public processes that give people the power to hold decision-makers and decision-making processes accountable. Our workload demands more legal staff, so we are hiring now for a staff attorney and legal fellow. Does this sound like the law firm for you?… Read More

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