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Pick.Click.Give. for the trees, the land, and so much more

Dulce Ben-East, co-owner of Alaska Wild Harvest, shares her story about how she helps keep Alaska land, water, animals, and people healthy. “The health of our forests is intricately tied to our climate. In Alaska, the temperature is rising at three times the rate of the Lower 48. Our forests and fisheries are struggling to survive. Not only is forest health integral to my business, it is integral to the health of fisheries, wildlife, air and water, and people. …”… Read More

Alaska Brief Newsletter–March 2018

The first day of spring is just around the corner. Though we do not see flowers blooming and migrating birds flying over Alaska just yet, we most definitely notice the light. Sunlight. It refuels us for the work ahead. So … Read More

Why I give to Trustees

Bill Rice gives to Trustees directly and through Pick.Click.Give., which allows Alaskans to donate part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend to nonprofits that keep Alaska healthy, vital and resilient. The deadline to apply for the Alaska PFD is … Read More

Make more of your PFD!

  Make more of your PFD by donating to Trustees Trustees for Alaska uses the law to protect and defend clean water and air, healthy food and habitat, and the rights of Alaskans to speak out and have a say … Read More

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