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An ode to Bob Childers

I first met Bob when I came to Alaska as the new executive director of Trustees in 1982. Bob was on contract to Trustees then, and he called me up and asked me to have lunch with him. We met at the Lucky Wishbone. All Bob knew about me was that I was a DC lawyer with an Ivy League education, so he must have decided that he had to act like a DC consultant – which is precisely what he did. I sat there thinking to myself, “why is this ex-hippy acting so straight?”… Read More

Difficult climbs take teamwork

Tom Meacham joined the board of Trustees for Alaska in 2015. Here, he talks about how the work of protecting Alaska’s land, water, wildlife and people takes the same skills and experience as big mountain expeditions. Difficult climbs take teamwork … Read More

Meet Jane Sauer

Board Member Jane Sauer has been a business attorney in Anchorage for more than 30 years. Her clients include small businesses, including those in healthcare, architecture, engineering, construction, real estate, and tourism. She also represents Alaska Native corporations and non-profit … Read More

Meet Marlyn Twitchell

  Meet board member Marlyn Twitchell, a second generation Alaskan who grew up in Juneau. Her deeply rooted emotional and spiritual connection to the state’s wilderness and wildlife has inspired her career as an advocate. Working for nonprofits, foundations Marlyn graduated … Read More

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