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A Pebble mine update: Can we just let the salmon run?

The Pebble mine proposal has upturned lives and posed a constant threat to communities and ways of life. People in the region had to say “no” over and over again for decades. Meanwhile, the fish keep coming back in record numbers. Salmon continue nourishing dozens of local communities and a commercial and recreational fishery that feeds the world and supports thousands and thousands of jobs. In a time where climate and other environmental facts have led to poor salmon runs throughout the state, Bristol Bay keeps bringing hope.

So, can we please just let the salmon run?… Read More

The Bristol Bay way = no Pebble mine

This week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced its next steps and deadlines regarding the Clean Water Act 404(c) process that could lead to protections for the Bristol Bay way and the salmon at the center of it. You can take action now to urge EPA to finish the job before next year’s salmon season.… Read More

Trump’s suspension of environmental laws cannot stand

In March, the federal agency responsible for enforcing the nation’s laws that protect public health, control pollution, and protect ecosystems and livelihoods made the unprecedented announcement that it would suspend enforcement of federal environmental regulations during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement generated immediate and fervent uproar on social media and in newspapers, and the EPA made a belated attempt to assuage public outrage by issuing an antagonistic press release, accusing the press of “reckless propaganda.” But the truth is, the EPA’s action will allow industry to pollute without penalty, even as families and communities do everything in their power to stop the spread of a novel coronavirus.… Read More

Trump’s EPA paves way for Pebble

Politics, power and pandering mean more to the Trump administration than clean water, thriving fisheries, and healthy Alaska communities. The withdrawal of the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency Proposed Determination to protect Bristol Bay on July 30 proves that Trump’s EPA … Read More

EPA finally listens

Today the EPA said it would suspend its process to withdraw the proposed restrictions for hard rock mining of the Pebble deposit in Bristol Bay. The Governor, Alaska House Speaker and organizations representing the Alaska Native community and fishing industries … Read More

What did we tell the EPA?

What did we tell the EPA about protecting Bristol Bay in comments Trustees submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency this month on behalf of our client, Nunamta Aulukestai? The EPA already knows the risk The EPA concluded in its 2014 … Read More

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