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Alaska News Brief August 2020: The Long term consequences of greed

Like a lot of you, I feel a sense of chaos and overwhelm more than usual these days. The feeling can make it hard to remember everything in the last three years that has challenged our ability as human beings to make the world just and livable for everyone. But it’s important to remember everything–all the pieces, and how they fit together in driving toward long-term outcomes.… Read More

We’re taking Trump to court over bogus Ambler decision

We sued the Trump administration to challenge its illegal approval of the proposed Ambler road. The 211-mile state-subsidized industrial gravel road to benefit private mining companies would destroy and pollute Arctic land and water, further degrade permafrost, and harm the health of wildlife and people across a broad range of the southern Brooks Range.… Read More

AIDEA uses health crisis to funnel cash to industrial road

The Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority used the Covid-19 crisis to hand $35 million to a proposed road to the Ambler Mining District that would benefit only private mining interests. Under the cloak of an “emergency” meeting held with little public notice, AIDEA’s board voted unanimously to funnel millions to a flawed proposal opposed by locals for years and stalled because of serious financial, environmental, and human health concerns. The meeting, held by phone because of the pandemic, drew a lot of outrage from opponents to AIDEA’s money grab. Virtually all the public testimony opposed the decision.… Read More

Alaska Brief–October 2019

When people use the phrase “for the birds,” they trivialize what they consider unimportant, but there’s a reason we talk about the canary in the coal mine. What happens to the birds happens to us. We cannot untangle our health … Read More

Alaska Brief–August

When we set up a system that allows us to disengage from the damage we do and stop caring about people we don’t know and those who come after us, we alienate ourselves from our connection to the planet…… Read More

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