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Finding joy on mountain ridges

When I was little, my mother asked my brother and I to go on a hike up Mount Abraham with her for Mother’s Day. Part way up the mountain, I planted myself on a rock on the side of the trail and absolutely refused to go any further. They summited; I stayed on that rock.… Read More

The gift of good guidance: Alaska News Brief July 2022

Summer officially runs from summer solstice on June 21 to the fall equinox on September 22, but in Alaska it feels more fleeting. Already, it seems half gone.

Maybe it’s because the changes in light feel palpable, and plant and garden growth comes so fast you can hardly keep up.

Salmon runs suddenly get hot and then quickly wane; berries get plump and within weeks picked over by bears and dogs and humans; shorts and t-shirt days feel almost oppressive when coupled with wildfire smoke and no wind, yet will soon give way to the first frost.… Read More

Meet Bridget Psarianos

  Even after six years in Alaska, I stop and look around often – once a day, maybe once a week – and think (or sing poorly) the immortal words of David Byrne: “Well, how did I get here?”  Living … Read More

A bittersweet farewell

Michelle Sinnott interned for Trustees in 2012 and worked as a staff attorney from December 2014 until the end of this month. She and her pets doggedly worked to protect healthy water, land, fisheries, and wildlife. Her departure comes as … Read More

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