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Alaska News Brief August 2021: When the raspberries pop

The raspberries in my yard started to pop this week, sweet and plump, and fiery purple fireweed blooms started to reach their peak. It gets dark now, too, and animals fervently prepare for winter—as do we. 

August tells me to gather and process food, button up summer projects, finish chores, prepare for winter, and soak up the last warmth of sunny (though cooler) days every chance I get. Predictably, and also suddenly, summer’s end foretells itself via wilted flowers and late season blossoms, growth surges and decay.… Read More

Biden regulation imperils polar bears

Earlier this month the Biden administration released a regulation that allows oil and gas operators in Alaska to harass polar bears and walruses in the Beaufort Sea when exploring for oil and gas, extracting or transporting fossil fuels, and when building infrastructure. This regulation imperils already threatened polar bears on the Beaufort Sea.… Read More

Alaska Brief–October 2019

When people use the phrase “for the birds,” they trivialize what they consider unimportant, but there’s a reason we talk about the canary in the coal mine. What happens to the birds happens to us. We cannot untangle our health … Read More

Cold with a chance of bears

I have experienced many, many bear encounters–coastal brown bears in southwest and southeast Alaska, and black bears in central Alaska—but when I joined a trip to Barter Island with five other participants I got my first chance to see the “white bears” as the people we met in the Arctic called them. … Read More

Join us in the Arctic!

We decided to host two trips to the Arctic this year to share some of the places, animals and people we work to protect from industrial threats. Both trips offer an opportunity to talk to attorneys about the specific actions … Read More

See polar bears in the wild!

Observing wild polar bears in their natural habitat is truly a remarkable experience. Now, you can join a trip exclusively offered by Trustees for Alaska this fall. During the four-day trip, Executive Director Vicki Clark will take you in small … Read More

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