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Do Interior’s latest actions mean the Arctic is finally protected? Not yet. The devil is in the details.

The Biden administration did several things earlier this month that could lead to enduring protections for the Arctic and potentially make meaningful headway on climate change. First, the Interior Department cancelled the last remaining oil leases stemming from the reckless Trump-era lease sale for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.… Read More

Big win in court for the Arctic Refuge: Court rejects AIDEA’s claims, upholds Interior’s authority to pause flawed leasing program

The U.S. District Court ruling today dismissed all claims made by the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority and the State of Alaska in their attempt to force the Interior Department to move forward with an illegal drilling program in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Trustees for Alaska intervened in that lawsuit on behalf of the Gwich’in Steering Committee and allied groups in March 2022 to defend Interior’s suspension of leases and oil and gas activities on lands held sacred by the Gwich’in Peoples of Alaska and Canada. Today’s court ruling granted summary judgement for the Department of the Interior and Trustees for Alaska’s clients.… Read More

Alaska News Brief February 2023. I’m still shoveling. Let the celebration begin!

Here we are, well into Alaska’s notorious faux spring, where we’re so excited about the returning light that we forget we’ve got another two or three months of deep winter. If you love snow, Anchorage sure has it. I don’t mean to pour water on those fired up about playing in snow, but I’d be happy to do less shoveling. Especially since I’ve mostly run out of places to put it and I’m having trouble throwing snow that high!

I guess that’s the state of play for Trustees, too.… Read More

Joanna is finishing her legal fellowship. She has words.

Two years ago, I left my position as a disability rights attorney to follow a vastly different pursuit —conservation.

It was an exciting and daunting move that has been well worth the transition. The last few years have been packed with professional growth and new perspectives. It’s been incredibly rewarding and I’m finishing my two-year fellowship a better and more inspired advocate.… Read More

The Arctic on the precipice

By Dawnell Smith Alaska faces serious climate impacts, pollution concerns, and industrial pressures. A new Arctic study shows that the amplified warming in the Arctic exceeds what climate models predict, with dangerous consequences for people and the planet. Meanwhile, decisions … Read More

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