Join day of action to demand forever protections for the Arctic Refuge
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Join day of action to demand forever protections for the Arctic Refuge

In his first days in office, President Biden temporarily protected sacred and public lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by pausing all activities related to oil and gas leasing and drilling. Now it’s time for Alaskans and people throughout the country to turn these “for now” commitments into forever protections. Now you can stand up for sacred lands and climate actions in a digital day of action to protect the Arctic Refuge.

Watch this short video to learn why we need to act now.

Speak up for people, the planet, the future 

Protecting the Arctic Refuge for now is not enough. Join the digital day of action to protect sacred lands in the Arctic Refuge forever.

A healthy vision for the Arctic Refuge means recognizing and protecting it as a place that supports the health and ways of life of Indigenous communities. It means protecting it as a place that nourishes hundreds of animal species. It means understanding the vital role the Arctic Refuge plays in holding carbon and other greenhouse gases in the ground and water. 

On Thursday, you’re invited to a digital day of action to tell Congress to protect the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge.   

Act on climate and Arctic health

Right now, the State of Alaska and two other corporations have drilling leases in hand, and the law requires another lease sale within three years. Fossil fuel exploitation and industrialization continue to threaten people, sacred land, and plants and animals in the Arctic Refuge.  

It’s up to us, together, to tell President Biden and Congress to make long-term protections for the Arctic Refuge a reality.  

Join us live on Facebook on Thursday, May 20, at 11 am Alaska/3 pm ET to hear from speakers and take action to urge your elected officials to protect this sacred place.