A Homer couple uses Pick.Click.Give. to protect the places they love
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A Homer couple uses Pick.Click.Give. to protect the places they love

Rika and John Mouw settled in Alaska from the mountains of Colorado almost 30 years ago. Residing in Homer, the Mouws enjoy the beauty of both the mountains and the sea. Lifelong environmentalists, they are passionate about supporting the work of Trustees for Alaska through Pick.Click.Give.

Rika and John Pick.Click.Give. to Trustees for Alaska to protect the lands and waters they love.
Rika and John Mouw. Photo courtesy of Rika Mouw.

We have been donating our Permanent Fund Dividend for the greater good through Alaska’s Pick.Click.Give. program since its inception in 2008. This payment is uniquely Alaskan and a result of the state’s oil riches. Most people on the planet do not receive such payments.

We also support Trustees through an annual donation but Pick.Click.Give. gives us a special feeling of satisfaction in cycling back to Alaska by way of oil royalties.

While we appreciate that many residents may depend on the funds for their day-to-day expenses, for those who don’t, redirecting these funds towards environmental protections is an easy way to make a difference in Alaska.

It’s so simple and yet impactful. You literally just pick, click, and give while completing your PFD application. And all donations are tax deductible.

Amplifying your voice through Pick.Click.Give.

With our state leadership being so pro-extraction, we feel like we have very little voice in the politics of Alaska.

If you’re environmentally leaning like we are, sometimes your vote doesn’t feel very strong. For us, donating through Pick.Click.Give. is really another way of voting. It channels your money directly towards your own values.

Why Trustees for Alaska?

We became aware of Trustees in the early days of the Pebble mine proposal when a small group of of 8 or 10 activists formed to educate and inform people about the mine prospect. We came across Trustees and saw the momentum they already had, and we immediately knew we’d found an ally and partnership worth supporting.

Taken from Homer, Alaska. Photo by Rika Mouw.

Our support has remained consistent ever since.

When asked about the biggest environmental threat to Alaska, we always say politics and the money and power in politics. Current leadership is determined to exploit Alaska as a resource state. Donating our PFD funds to Trustees is our way of voicing our values and having a greater political impact.

Supporting environmental efforts in any way is important. By supporting Trustees, you are helping an organization that has the specific skillset and expertise to use the law and strategic thinking to protect Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and communities. They are Alaska-focused and have been effectively using the law to protect and defend Alaska since 1974—a skill that is unique to Trustees.

The fact that they are still battling Pebble mine after all these years shows their staying power and commitment. Maintaining our precious ecosystems and landscapes have special meaning to us. These natural places should have a legal voice. Trustees provides that.

Keeping Alaska a special place

We’ve visited the Arctic several times, including a memorable trip with members of Trustees and other supporters. Lifelong friendships were formed on that trip as we celebrated the wilds of Alaska. We need to protect and respect this land, not plunder it.

Here's how to Pick.Click.Give. to Trustees for Alaska

Looking ahead leaves us full of concern with the proposed Willow oil and gas extraction project and Ambler Road mining access at stake. We watched the legal argument last month on the proposed Izembek road development and were so impressed with and grateful for Trustees’ legal skills. It’s needed now more than ever.

It’s hard to imagine the state of things without Trustees for Alaska. We would feel completely muted, stifled, and a little less hopeful. Trustees is fighting for our own habitat—human habitat.

What could be more essential than that? If you’re able, we hope you’ll join us in supporting Trustees for Alaska through Pick.Click.Give.

We feel it’s the best way to safeguard Alaska’s TRUE riches.