Meet new Trustees board member Marlyn Twitchell
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Meet Marlyn Twitchell


Meet board member Marlyn Twitchell, a second generation Alaskan who grew up in Juneau. Her deeply rooted emotional and spiritual connection to the state’s wilderness and wildlife has inspired her career as an advocate.

Working for nonprofits, foundations

Marlyn graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Since then, she has served as executive director of a regional foundation, litigation director for the National Audubon Society, and as staff attorney for several nonprofit law firms. She currently works as a contract attorney, policy analyst and campaign consultant for nonprofit organizations and foundations.

Settled in Seattle, but Alaska is home

She now lives in Seattle, but she calls Alaska home. She returns as often as possible for adventure, to recharge her soul, and to share the wonders of Alaska with her teenage son.

Marlyn is honored and delighted to join the Trustees board where she can support Alaska’s only state-based environmental law firm in its efforts to protect the Alaska that she loves. She is eager to help Trustees grow its community of support.

“Alaska’s wild places have given me so much. They provide a place for thinking, for laughing, for getting food, for experiencing awe. I can’t imagine not giving back to Alaska by helping to protect these places.”