New Strategic Plan Adopted
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New Strategic Plan Adopted

img_2779Trustees for Alaska has a comprehensive strategic plan for the next three years—and your input was a key foundation! For the past year, the Board of Directors and staff of Trustees have been hard at work planning for our next three years. The process was the most robust that we have undertaken in over a decade.

Last winter, we conducted many surveys and interviews with key stakeholders—our supporters, clients, foundation funders, Board, and staff. We learned a lot from the surveys that helped up in the development of our strategic plan. We learned that you deeply care about Alaska and its future. You believe the greatest conservation issues facing Alaska are climate change, loss of salmon habitat, and loss of wilderness. You believe Trustees’ most important work is litigation. And you believe Trustees’ greatest strength is our people.

With that foundation, we had a Board-staff retreat. We spent some time exploring why Trustees does what it does and how we do it. Trustees has a specific niche in the Alaska conservation community as the go-to law firm for developing legal strategy for clients, but also as a key partner in coalitions providing strategic and legal advice for protecting and defending what we all love about Alaska.

As part of the process, Trustees for the first time ever discussed our theory of change. The result is what we are calling our Pathway to Change. It is an integral document on how and why we do what we do.

We developed a more succinct vision and mission for Trustees:

Vision: A wild and vibrant Alaska where fish, wildlife, and people thrive.
Mission: We use the law to protect and defend Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people.

Board and staff decided to continue to concentrate our work in five program areas:

  1. Protecting America’s Unique Arctic Ecosystem
  2. Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change on Alaska’s Communities and Ecosystems
  3. Protecting Alaska’s Vast Marine Ecosystems
  4. Protecting Alaska’s Spectacular Wildlands and Wildlife
  5. Assuring Clean Air, Clean Water and Continued Access to Subsistence Resources

We also defined our organizational goals for the next three years for Planning, Board, Programs, Development, Communications, and Administration.

A breakout session with Board and staff at the May planning retreat for the strategic plan.

A breakout session with Board and staff at the May planning retreat for the strategic plan.

The Board and staff of Trustees are excited about our goals for the next three years outlined in our strategic plan. We’re proud of where we have been in the last 42 years and where we are headed. We thank all of you who helped us with this process. We look forward to serving the interests of Alaska for many years to come. Click on the link below to see our new plan:

Trustees for Alaska 2017-2020 Strategic Plan