Alaskans can Pick.Click.Give. to protect what they love
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Alaskans can Pick.Click.Give. to protect what they love

Alaskans can show their love by giving part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend to nonprofits like Trustees for Alaska. You can make a real-world difference by using Pick.Click.Give. when filling out your PFD application, or by going back into your My Alaska account to add recipients or to change the amount of contributions.

Trustees for Alaska was founded in Alaska to protect Alaska. We’re the lawyers who work to protect salmon and other fisheries that provide food and jobs, and that support Alaska cultures and ways of life. We help protect the right of all Alaskans to speak up and be heard about what happens in their communities. We help protect sacred and public lands from industrialization that pollutes and degrades water, land, air, and wildlife, and that causes harmful climate impacts like coastal erosion, floods, wildfires, sea ice loss, fish and wildlife die-offs, and more.

We’re a nonprofit law firm founded in Alaska, based in Alaska, and focused on Alaska. Our clients include Alaskans, citizen coalitions, tribal governments, and Alaska and national organizations working to protect protect clean water and air, healthy fisheries and wildlife, and public and sacred lands.

We hope you consider using Pick.Click.Give. to support Trustees for Alaska when you fill out your PFD application.

Join us protecting Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife and people.