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We cannot let up!

When I first saw the photo of my dad standing next to a pile of snow that towered above his head, I felt my first sense of awe for Alaska. I was three years old. My dad had gone to … Read More

A legacy runs through it

A red and white bobber brought Stacy Studebaker to Alaska.
Her journey started when she was just 5 or 6 years old, and her father gave her a bamboo fishing rod with a bobber, hook, and worm.
She grew into and out of fishing gear over the years as the two of them fished from the East Coast to the West Coast, from Florida to the Rocky Mountains, from the southeast to the Far North.
“They say the love of nature develops in the hearts of fly fishermen,” Stacy said.
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Give with your PFD

Alaska’s big wild life We measure Alaska with superlatives—the tallest mountains, the wildest parks, the biggest salmon and bear, the largest herds of caribou. The wild pervades Alaska’s forests, coastline, waterways and public lands. It defines Alaska’s wildlife, from Tundra insects … Read More

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