Give with your PFD
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Give with your PFD

Alaska’s big wild life

We measure Alaska with superlatives—the tallest mountains, the wildest parks, the biggest salmon and bear, the largest herds of caribou.

The wild pervades Alaska’s forests, coastline, waterways and public lands. It defines Alaska’s wildlife, from Tundra insects and salmon fry to puffins, whales and brown bears.

The wild is the heart of the tourism economy, and it makes us proud to call Alaska home. You can help keep the wild in Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife.

Pick.Click.Give. to Trustees

Alaska’s wild is worth protecting. You can help by donating when filling out your PFD application by March 31, 2017. (Find out more on the Trustees profile at Trustees at Pick.Click.Give.)

Right now, Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife and communities face significant threats. Already, Congress has removed safeguards that keep our water and air clean by repealing protections like the Stream Protection Rule.

Politicians have targeted other protections that maintain wildlife diversity, reduce carbon emissions, and prevent pollution.

We have one time to get it right

Trustees for Alaska believes we have one chance to get it right in Alaska – and endless opportunities to get it wrong.

For decades, Trustees for Alaska has been the legal backbone of environmental advocacy in Alaska. We are a homegrown Alaska law firm with over four decades of experience.

Our legal work addresses oil and gas development, mining, toxic waste, public land use, predator control, marine resources, and the preservation of pristine places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Our successes have set significant legal precedent in in state and federal law.

You don’t have to be a lawyer

With your help, we can fight for the wild in Alaska. We can defend against attacks in court, Congress, and our state legislature.

Those who want to weaken environmental protections are holding positions of great power, and it’s up to us to make sure they listen to Alaskans and follow the law. Your support helps us provide a legal voice for Trustees clients and the Alaska environment.
Your Pick.Click.Give donations allow us to provide free counsel and legal services on pressing conservation issues. Your support helps keep Alaska’s wild places special.