Pick.Click.Give. until Aug. 31!
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Pick.Click.Give. by end of month!



Tracy’s first fish. Photo by Ed Walczak.

This is no fish story. You can still join the Trustees for Alaska team by adding a Pick.Click.Give. donation to Trustees for Alaska by Thursday, August 31.

Like most Alaskans, you probably took care of a lot of seasonal chores this summer—like catching fish, collecting berries, tending the garden, and going into the wild.

You probably filled out your 2017 Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) application on time, too.

Now’s the time to go back to the application and Pick.Click.Give. to Trustees for Alaska. You can easily add or increase your gift by going to https://pfd.alaska.gov/ and following the directions.


We invite you to join our team by helping to protect places like Bristol Bay and the Arctic Refuge, and by keeping salmon, wildlife, waterways, and communities healthy. Find out more about our work and priorities.

You have until Thursday!