Protect what you love about Alaska: Pick.Click.Give
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Protect what you love about Alaska: Pick.Click.Give

Support the future you want

As an Alaskan, you get to decide what our future looks like – protect what you love about Alaska by choosing Trustees for Alaska by donating a portion of your 2019 Permanent Fund Dividend.

Photo by R.B. Whitcomb

The federal government just released a draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Pebble mine, an action that pushes the project that much closer to decimating one of the most thriving  sockeye salmon fisheries  in the world.

Putting a mine in a healthy, vital watershed that supports jobs, communities, and the way of life of Alaska Native people who have lived in and taken care of the region for thousands of years violates their human rights and threatens the social, cultural, and economic health of Alaska.

A similar trammeling of human rights continues in the Arctic, where the push to exploit sacred land in the Arctic Refuge threatens the Gwich’in people and their source of food and the foundation of their culture.

Oil and gas extraction in the Arctic would harm migrating, nesting, birthing, and nursing animals, including the Porcupine Caribou Herd, shorebirds that migrate to all continents, and the endangered polar bear. Roads, pipelines, heavy equipment and industrial activity would harm the interconnected waterways and landscapes.

Trustees for Alaska fights for places like these. We fight for the health of our land and water, and the rights of our communities and people.

We use the law to hold up the public’s voice and to demand accountability from agencies and industry. We hold those who make decisions and execute them accountable to the law.

You can help us protect Alaska when you Pick.Click.Give. and designate a portion of your 2019 Permanent Fund Dividend.

This year, use a portion of your PFD to defend and protect Alaska land, water, wildlife and people.

Help us keep drilling out of the Arctic Refuge, and a hazardous mine out of the thriving fisheries of Bristol Bay. Help us use the law to keep communities and people healthy for generations to come.