An Alaska way of giving . Pick.Click.Give. today
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An Alaska way of giving

It’s that time of year for Alaskans to Pick.Click.Give. to Alaska nonprofits that help create a healthy, sustainable future for our state. Using this Alaska way of giving, you can support our work in protecting clean water and air, healthy land and communities, and in taking climate action with a positive impact.

Our team works with folks throughout Alaska to secure the long-lasting protections of land, water, and animals essential to Alaska’s health and ways of life. With your support, we can safeguard salmon runs, caribou herds, a diversity of flora and fauna, and the public lands and Indigenous homelands that nourish communities.

Together, we can help Alaska contribute to local and global climate solutions.

Alaskans have until the end of March to apply for the PFD. If you’ve already filed for your 2022 PFD, you can add a pledge to Trustees by returning to your application.

Learn more from one of our annual Pick.Click.Give. contributors, Danielle Williams!