Why I give to Trustees

Bill holding a fish in water before letting it go.
Bill cares about Alaska’s fish and fish habitat now and into the future. That’s why he gives to Trustees. Photo courtesy Bill Rice.

Bill Rice gives to Trustees directly and through Pick.Click.Give., which allows Alaskans to donate part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend to nonprofits that keep Alaska healthy, vital and resilient. The deadline to apply for the Alaska PFD is March 31. In Bill’s short “Why I give to Trustees” message, he explains why he sees his contributions vital to Alaska.

Alaska faces threats that haven’t been seen since Trustees for Alaska was first established during the Nixon administration.

Citizen input is being stifled and decisions are based on short-term greed rather than public good.  When that happens, we look to the courts and the law, rather than a flawed political process, to protect the interests of future generations.

Trustees’ role has never been more important. This is why I increased my contributions to Trustees, both directly and through Pick. Click. Give.