Make your click matter by picking Trustees!
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Make your click matter by picking Trustees!

Right now and until March 31, Alaskans can support Trustees for Alaska through Pick.Click.Give. when filing for the 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend.

This way of giving helps Trustees keep an eye on issues that threaten clean water, clean air, public lands, healthy salmon and caribou, and Alaska communities.

Our work helps keep drilling off the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an area sacred to the Gwich’in Nation because of its importance to the health of the Porcupine caribou.

Our work helps hold state and federal agencies in check when they make bad decisions based on flawed assumptions and environmental review.

Our work supports the health of salmon, caribou, waterways essential fish and birds, and public lands designed to protect wildlife and biodiversity. 

You can help us protect Alaska when you designate Trustees when you Pick.Click.Give. after filling out your PFD application. Thank you.