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Alaska News Brief June 2020: Endless pressure, endlessly applied

I came to Trustees as a staff attorney in 2007 and recall how excited we all were when Valerie decided to return to Trustees in 2011. For the last nine years, I have had the incredible fortune to work with her and learn how to become a more effective advocate. And on her last day, true to her course, she left us all with the powerful words of Brock Evans, “Endless Pressure, endlessly applied.”… Read More

The national rebellion against racism

Trustees is a nonprofit law firm focusing on environmental law and justice. Most of our staff and Board are White. We know we must individually and organizationally acknowledge and change the racist and complicit practices that harm people of color. People of color are disproportionately negatively impacted in nearly every way—from pollution to health issues to poverty to incarceration to education to on and on and on.… Read More

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