Alaska Brief - November 2015 - Newsletter
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Alaska Brief Newsletter – November 2015

Dear Supporter:

Wilderness remains in jeopardy in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. The State of Alaska, the city of King Cove, and other interests are appealing the decision ruling that the Secretary of the Interior made the right decision to reject a road and land swap to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We are disappointed that this case continues when there is really no choice to be made between safe medical access and protecting Wilderness. We can have both. Trustees for Alaska continues to represent a group of eight conservation groups to achieve that.

Learn More about the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge case

There is another dangerous road project that Governor Walker has allowed to proceed: the Ambler Road. After the Governor’s commitment to stop six mega-projects, including this road, he is reneging on those promises, which not only threatens clean water and subsistence, but Alaska’s financial security. (See below.)

Trustees remains vigilant in defending Alaska’s wild places from these ill-conceived projects.

Vicki Clark
Executive Director




Bears & Wolves Win!

NPS Adopts Policies to Protect Predators

New sport hunting regulations for national preserves in Alaska were adopted last month by the National Park Service (NPS). They ban practices promoted by the Alaska State Board of Game to reduce populations of wolves and bears. Trustees for Alaska representing ten conservation groups reviewed the proposed regulations and submitted comments advocating stronger predator protections. And the agency listened: NPS came out with final regulations that adopted the stronger protections.

Read more about the new regulations on predator protection

Walker OKs Ambler Road

Funds Released for Industrial Access Road

Despite the state financial crisis, Governor Walker recently gave the green light for the Ambler Road project to move forward. The Governor’s decision comes after the project sat dormant for the past year. The proposed 220-mile road would cross through Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve and many miles of pristine habitat. The impacts on fish and wildlife, including the Western Arctic Caribou Herd and the people dependent on them will be huge. All for exclusive use by private mining companies.

Read more about the Ambler Industrial Access Road

Case Closed on Exxon Valdez

Despite lingering oil and fisheries impacts in Prince William Sound, the 1991 Exxon Valdez settlement case ended in October when the State and US Governments dropped their $92 million reopener claim filed in 2006.

Learn more about the details of the Exxon Valdez settlement case closure

FY14 Annual Report

We’ve just posted our FY14 Annual Report to our website. It was an important year for us from celebrating our 40th anniversary to significant progress on important legal cases.

Read the Trustees for Alaska FY14 Annual Report

Meet Paralegal Jennie Frost

Meet the newest member of the Trustees for Alaska team. As a certified paralegal, Jennie is helping our attorneys provide the best defense for Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people.

Meet Jennie

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