A melting, eroding Alaska needs climate action
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A melting, eroding Alaska needs climate action

Tracy Lohman came to Alaska 29 years ago. She celebrates June 21, the summer solstice, as her first day in her new home. She remembers taking a drive down Turnagain Arm to explore the Portage Glacier.

Tracy with Portage glacier behind her, back when you could see it from the parking lot.

I saw the glacier from the parking lot that day. If you want to see Portage Glacier today, you have to get on a boat.  Portage has retreated more than 5 km in the last century, and is no longer visible from the Portage visitors’ center.

Reports show that Alaska and its Arctic region are heating up at twice the rate of the rest of the country. Yet Alaska’s Governor Dunleavy dissolved the climate change task force shortly after taking office, saying, “the state has more important issues to deal with.” 

Responsible leaders know that ignoring climate change is irresponsible. Help us take action now.

That’s why Trustees for Alaska has pledged to address climate change head on. 

A rapidly and unpredictably changing global climate is already causing increased flooding, permafrost melt, reduced sea ice, and coastal erosion. These and other changes impact the ability of animals and people to hunt. They water quality, access to food, building stability, and so much more. 

I am asking that you pledge with your dollars to support us in fighting for climate action.

Trustees uses the law to stop fossil fuel exploitation that will make the impacts of the climate crisis worse.

Photo by Tracy Lohman.

Trustees for Alaska has fought to protect Alaska’s environment, wildlife, and communities, often against incredible odds, since 1974. The Trustees’ legal team has taken on some of the most crucial environmental battles of our time. 

The outcome of current battles will matter for everyone, whether they live in the Arctic or the southern hemisphere.

I invite you to join us in making Alaska the place we want for our children and grandchildren–a place where wildlife and people can thrive.

We are fighting the State of Alaska, the Trump administration, and foreign owned companies that want to use fossil fuel and mineral exploitation for profit despite the impact on our lives and future, despite the risk to water, animals like caribou and migratory birds, and salmon runs that have sustained coastal communities for generations