A tribute to Deborah “Shocky” Greenberg . Thinker, advocate, lasting friend
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A tribute to Deborah “Shocky” Greenberg

Our dear friend Shocky Greenberg died of cancer on May 5, 2021. Shocky put her love of conservation and her law degree to practice on the Trustees’ board for many years. Below, another former Trustees board member Bob Childers shares his memories of Shocky and her life as a thinker, an advocate, and a kind and lasting friend.

Photo courtesy the Greenberg and Steinberg families.

Shocky liked to recall her earliest Alaska experience with a typical sense of humility – a backpacking trip to the Arctic with a little too much gear and a hard lesson taught by an encounter with a large field of tussocks.  Perhaps that set her up for the dedication she had for doggedly taking on some of Alaska’s important conservation challenges.

She graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Conservation of Natural Resources, a clear sign of the direction she was headed. From the beginning of her life in Alaska, Shocky was absolutely dedicated to protecting the land and water, championing conservation of resources, and, in equal measure, supporting communities.

Her professional experience spanned from her early work with Alaska Legal Services to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the House Research Agency in Juneau, and the Alaska Legislature.  After graduating from Northeastern School of Law, she served as a public defender in Anchorage. Later she dedicated her time to being an effective board member of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Trustees for Alaska, among other worthy pursuits.

Shocky was an astute observer of the Alaska political scene. She had a wide network of friends and colleagues, with overlapping circles of people from all walks of Alaska life. She knew how to connect people to useful information and each other in a way that strengthened our collective efforts.

Photo courtesy the Greenberg and Steinberg families

She filled several vital roles with Trustees. She led the recruitment of new board members, supported strong organizational governance, and championed Trustees’ outstanding staff. She served on the board twice with a stint as interim executive director in between, keeping the organization moving forward.

Shocky also took a particular interest in making sure Trustees’ work contributed effectively to climate solutions. After departing the board she continued in that vein through her work to promote solar power in Anchorage.

She had an abiding faith in the power of public interest law to protect the Alaska she loved, and to better serve its peoples. We will always remember Shocky’s bright optimism, good humor, and the kind and generous spirit she shared with all of us.