Trustees intern leaves Alaska certain of career advocating for the planet
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Advocating for the planet

Jenna plans to keep advocating for wilderness. Photo courtesy of Jenna Lewis.

In May, our summer interns, Maggie and Jenna, jumped into legal research and writing, and into exploring the state, but how time flies! Jenna Lewis just finished her internship and heads back to finish her last year of law school this fall. Here, she talks about her time in Alaska and with Trustees, and about her plans to continue advocating for the planet in and after law school.

Somehow, my summer at Trustees has come to a bittersweet end. While here, I had the opportunity to further develop my advocacy skills and gain valuable knowledge and practical experience in public interest environmental law.

Digging deep into our most important environmental laws
Advocating for the planet by exploring and fighting for it.

The Alaska Range from the Denali Highway. Photo courtesy of Jenna Lewis.

I enjoyed digging deep into some of our nation’s most important laws—the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act, to name a few. I researched discrete legal issues within the vast array of environmental case law that has been established in the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and federal courts across the county.

One of my favorite projects involved helping with litigation involving the land exchange for a proposed road through Izembek National Wildlife Refuge at the southern tip of the Alaska Peninsula.

I had the pleasure of communicating with several of Trustees’ clients who have strong and very meaningful connections to this beautiful, unique, and

necessary wild place. It was a privilege to help tell their stories and advocate for the protection of Izembek.

Lost Lake. Photo courtesy of Jenna Lewis.

Exploring a remarkable wilderness

Alaska is a place of vast wilderness and abundant wildlife. I am lucky to have had this opportunity to explore this gorgeous state and deepen my appreciation for the wild.

While at work at Trustees and out hiking and camping on the weekends, I developed a better understanding of the incalculable value of a protected environment.

Jenna dressed for the weather and bugs.

Wearing her bug suite at Ptarmigan Lake. Photo courtesy of Jenna Lewis.

Dedicated to a cleaner, healthier, better-protected planet

Every day at Trustees, I felt mentored by the fantastic team. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work on legal documents, communicate with clients, attend meetings, and observe coalition calls with Trustees attorneys.

I learned a lot from these dedicated advocates for the environment, and I am now more certain than ever that I want to pursue a career in this field and advocate for a cleaner, healthier, and better-protected environment.