Alaska Brief - August 2014 - Newsletter
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The Law in Action: Alaska Brief Newsletter – August 2014

Dear Supporter:

As a supporter of Trustees for Alaska you believe in using the power of the law to protect our environment. What you may not know is the nuts and bolts of the legal process. There are complaints and answers, motions and opposition, and briefs and oral arguments, with lots of deadlines.

This last month Trustees for Alaska attorneys have been burning the midnight oil (not the midnight sun) to meet deadlines for filings and prepare for oral argument. We’ve been using all the legal tools in our chest to defend Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife and people. We’ve been in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, we’ve filed briefs, applied for intervention status, submitted motions to dismiss and more.

Continue reading to learn about our work to protect Resurrection Bay from dirty coal and defend Wilderness in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

Warm regards,



Vicki Clark

Executive Director


Read the stories in this issue:

Seward’s Dirty Coal Litigation

Trustees Intervenes for Wilderness in Izembek Road Decision Challenge

Meet Legal Intern Cecilia Segal


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