Victory in the Arctic: Alaska Brief - June 2014 - Newsletter
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Victory in the Arctic – June 2014 Alaska Brief Newsletter

Dear Supporter:

It must be summer! Interns arrive to work, learn, and play 

Each summer Alaska is flocked with migrants. Along with humpback whales, sandhill cranes, and western sandpipers, legal interns arrive annually to feast on Alaska’s bounty. For the interns the bounty that draws them north is the wealth of environmental law knowledge, rather than plankton, grubs and worms.

Over the course of the summer, Trustees for Alaska will have five legal interns from across the Lower 48 come to work with our legal staff. Currently three have arrived, and two more are slated to arrive later this summer. The interns conduct legal research, draft pleadings, participate in client meetings and assist with litigation. Interns provide critical legal support to Trustees at the same time as they gain valuable on the ground legal experience. Each one has a story to tell.

Meet the Interns




Vicki Clark

Executive Director


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