Alaska Brief Newsletter -- December 2016
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Alaska Brief Newsletter — December 2016

Dear Supporter:

On November 9th, we woke up to a stark new reality that demands that we stand together.We woke up to a president-elect who is dead set on dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency and eliminating critical environmental laws that protect clean air and water.

We woke up to an administration that denies science, denies climate change, and denies its responsibility to future generations.

We woke up to an executive branch and Republican Congress that will together try to diminish or wipe out environmental protections that safeguard Alaska’s–and America’s–lands, waters, wildlife, and people.

With human rights, open democracy, and protecting our public resources at stake, we have perhaps the most important work ahead of us.

Donate now to be a part of Trustees’ defense of Alaska’s natural bounty and way of life. We work with our clients to provide the most effective strategies and counsel to protect Alaska.

We have faced these battles before

Trustees has faced difficult obstacles and battles before. As Alaska’s only homegrown public interest environmental law firm, we stopped Secretary of the Interior James Watt’s attempt to facilitate oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by illegally transferring agency authority. We won a victory for the Wilderness Act by preventing a commercial hatchery project in Tustumena Lake authorized by Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton.

We made progress or stopped the most egregious conservation threats through many presidencies for 42 years. When fighting for Alaska, we depend on supporters like you. We know that securing protection for the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, protecting the sanctity of wilderness designations, or enforcing decades-old environmental laws means standing together.

Giving now will make the difference tomorrow

It cannot be overstated that giving now is vitally important. We are grateful for your support. Your contributions allow us to respond quickly to the coming threats to Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people.

We wish you the best of holidays!

For Alaska!



Vicki Clark

Executive Director

PS: Your support of Trustees for Alaska is critical now more than ever.


2016 Triumphs, challenges: The year in review

Trustees for Alaska celebrates the year’s successes in protecting and defending Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife and communities. There’s a host of new challenges ahead, but thanks to our supporters, the Trustees team is stronger.

No pebble mine graphic

Court rejects Pebble’s second subpoena attempt

In late October, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard argument in Sturgeon v. Frost, a case challenging the National Park Service’s authority to regulate boating activities to protect Alaska’s national parks and preserves.

Trustees hires communications director

Dawnell Smith is the newest member of the Trustees’ team. Her position as Communications Director will focus on sharing Trustees’ work, telling the stories and perspectives of Alaskans and Alaska communities, and informing others about our work in safeguarding the health of the state’s lands, waters, wildlife and communities.

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