Alaska Brief Newsletter - July 2016
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Alaska Brief Newsletter – July 2016

Dear Supporter:

There was a lot of excitement in the Trustees offices late last week. We had just exited a staff meeting, when “We won!” got louder and louder coming out of attorney Katie Strong’s office. She had just opened her email to learn that Judge Gleason had ruled the Wishbone Hill permit invalid!

This win for the people living in the Matanuska Valley was the result of years of work challenging the expired permit. Congratulations to the attorneys that worked on this issue over the years and to all the individuals and groups that stood firm to keep coal mining out of neighborhoods.

Everyone at Trustees also breathed a sigh of relief when Governor Walker announced shutting down the ill-conceived Knik Arm Crossing (see story below) and the proposed Susitna Dam.

We just wish he had also shut down the proposed Road to Ambler. Since he didn’t, Trustees will keep working to stop this damaging road that will only serve one industry with a cost of billions paid for my citizens.

All-in-all it’s been a pretty good month for conservation in Alaska.


Vicki Clark, Executive Director of Trustees for Alaska


Vicki Clark
Executive Director



Matanuska Valley is at risk of becoming a coal strip mine. Trustees for Alaska is working to ensure local citizen's have a say in that. Photo (c) Daniel Hoherd / Flickr

Matanuska Valley. Photo (c) Daniel Hoherd / Flickr

Court Rules Wishbone Hill Mining Permit Invalid: Neighbors Now Have a Voice in Future Permits

The Court decided a Federal agency’s decision to allow the 25-year-old permit to stand was invalid in a lawsuit Trustees filed last year to protect the Matanuska Valley and its communities from the harmful impacts of coal strip mining.


Jane Sauer Monthly Donor HJane Sauer Gives Monthly: Automatic Payments Protect Alaska

Monthly gift donor Jane Sauer spreads her support of Trustees throughout the year.

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Knik Arm Bridge Falls Under Governor’s Knife

Governor Walker shut down the proposed Knik Arm Crossing. Trustees for Alaska helped for years to keep the bridge from completion, and harming Cook Inlet beluga whales in the process.