Alaska Brief Newsletter - May 2014
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Alaska’s Article VIII Special Event: Alaska Brief Newsletter – May 2014

Vic Fischer and Shannyn Moore Talk Alaska’s Constitutional Environmental Safeguards

Dear Supporter:

During the wintery months of 1955-56, 49 men and six women delegates met in Fairbanks to write the constitution that would govern Alaska. They knew how important Alaska’s natural environment was to its people and sought to protect citizens from governmental overreach and industry. They knew here in Alaska was the opportunity to do it right the first time—protect natural resources before they were depleted, polluted, or destroyed. Those sentiments live in Article VIII of the Alaska State Constitution.

Please join us for a special evening with Vic Fischer, one of those 49 men, in conversation with Shannyn Moore, Alaska’s homegrown truth-seeker. They’ll be talking about the legacy and promise of Article VIII and Alaska’s natural resource ethic.

Trustees for Alaska is turning 40 this year. With four decades of protecting Alaska’s natural assets, we owe a lot to Article VIII and to the architects of Alaska’s state constitution. Join us for this special celebration of both Trustees for Alaska and one of the last living delegates to the Constitutional Convention.

The conversation between Vic and Shannyn in the auditorium is free and open to the public.


You are also invited to join us for a private reception in Anchorage Museum prior to the public event. Mingle with Vic, Shannyn, members of Trustees for Alaska’s Board of Directors and our staff while enjoying libations and hors d’oeuvres. The reception is $40 (representing $1 per year of our history). RSVP at 433.2006.


I hope to see you there!



Vicki Clark

Executive Director


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