April 2014 - Alaska Brief - Newsletter
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Bad Legislation: Alaska Brief Newsletter – April 2014

Dear Supporter:

Bad Legislation: A One-Two Punch to Alaskans

The Alaska Legislature is getting closer to the clang of the bell signaling the end of the 2014 session. Two bills in front of the legislature would have significant impacts on conservation if passed. House Bill 77, also known as the “Silencing Alaskans Act,” in combination with House Bill 47, is a one-two punch to Alaskans that value protection of Alaska’s most precious natural assets. One of these bills looks like it is now dead in the water. That is thanks to the outpouring of Alaskan voices, Tribes, fishermen, concerned Alaskan’s and everyone else across the state who spoke out against the Silencing Alaskans Act at public meetings and by contacting their local legislators. Learn More & Speak Out

Trustees for Alaska pays close attention to what happens in the Alaska Legislature affecting our natural resources. To protect Alaska and Alaskans, we have to know not only the current laws, but also new ones under consideration by the legislature.

We scrutinize natural resources bills that affect conservation efforts and the public process in natural resources decision making. Unfortunately, in the last few years, this has grown in importance because of an administration and legislature that seems bent on undermining laws that protect our natural resources and censure public participation.

Your unrestricted donations help us do this behind-the-scenes legal work. Thank you!



Vicki Clark

Executive Director


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