Bristol Bay says no to PR stunt, no to Pebble mine
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Bristol Bay says no to PR stunt, no to Pebble mine

Pebble asked some Bristol Bay leaders who oppose the Pebble mine to come to its advisory panel meeting today at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage. Bristol Bay says no. What an absurd invitation. Why would Bristol Bay participate in a process with a single stated goal—to build a mine—when that goal means devastating Bristol Bay fisheries and communities?

The panel’s real purpose? To allow Pebble’s parent company, Northern Dynasty, to claim community engagement. Truth is, Bristol Bay has been engaging with the mining company, federal agencies, and Alaska leaders since 2001.

Residents have overwhelmingly opposed the mine because they know it would destroy their livelihoods, culture, and way of life.

Bristol Bay leaders said thanks, but no thanks

Bristol Bay leaders will not give the panel’s meeting the time of day. They say “no way” to the PR stunt. Instead, they will rally outside the hotel at 4th and K streets today, August 21, at 3 p.m.

Join them in saying no to Pebble mine!

These leaders made it clear in an open letter to the panel’s members that the people of Bristol Bay have long since made up their minds: Pebble mine is not welcome in Bristol Bay.

No Pebble mine rally in Dillingham, 2017. Photo by Michelle Sinnott.

Handpicked panel does not represent Bristol Bay or Alaska

Pebble’s handpicked panel includes Outsiders and a few Alaskans lured into Pebble’s fold. It does not represent community engagement or community buy-in. In fact, it ignores and snubs years of input from the people of Bristol Bay. Pebble does not want to hear the opposition.

If it did, it would already know that they are not welcome in Bristol Bay. Pebble wants to parade the presence of opposition leaders at its meeting as a testament to Pebble’s “open mind” about saving Bristol Bay salmon.

Bristol Bay knows what protecting the watershed and salmon means: It means no Pebble mine.

Bristol Bay resident say no to PR stunt, no to Pebble mine. Photo by Michelle Sinnott.

Bristol Bay has already made it clear

Bristol Bay residents have repeatedly said “no” to what a foreign mining company wants to do in their backyard.

Residents participated in multiple rounds of public comment when the Environmental Protection Agency assessed the proposed mine’s impact on Bristol Bay. That was a legitimate process where all stakeholder opinions were welcome and science was the center of the debate.

Residents told their stories. They vowed to protect their homes. They said a loud and clear “No!” to the proposed Pebble mine.

Join Bristol Bay in protecting vibrant Alaska communities and fisheries

Pebble didn’t like the results of that community engagement, however, because it goes against their goal to make profits for a Canadian mining company at the expense of Alaska communities in Bristol Bay.

When Pebble didn’t like what the Bristol Bay community said, they tried to drag mine opponents into court with subpoenas and called EPA’s process illegal and unfair.

Now, Pebble wants to control the process so that it can control the outcome. The Pebble panel is not community engagement. It is not a public process. It does not put Bristol Bay first.

Join Bristol Bay in protecting the region’s communities and the largest wild sockeye run in the world. Tell the EPA to protect Bristol Bay.