Colleen Burgh Memorial Fund for Science and the Law
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Colleen Burgh Fund for Science and the Law

Trustees for Alaska was saddened by the passing of Colleen Burgh one year ago. She served on Trustees’ Board of Directors and shaped our legal and conservation efforts during that period. We are touched that Colleen and her husband, Jim Stratton, wanted to recognize her dedication to conservation science with the establishment of the Colleen Burgh Fund for Science and the Law. The fund is dedicated to acquiring scientific expertise to help Trustees win cases critical for Alaska conservation. Please join with others in memorializing Colleen Burgh with a gift to the Colleen Burgh Fund for Science and the Law.

Read her full obituary.

Donations can be made through the Trustees for Alaska online donation form. Just add Colleen Burgh in the tribute field. Please also note the Colleen Burgh Fund for Science and the Law on donations made by mail. We will keep her survivors informed about contributors’ names and the total amount raised.

Donate Now – If you donate during February 2015 your contribution will be matched 100% by a generous donor!