Court Dismisses Lawsuit Threatening Izembek Wilderness
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Western sandpipers feeding in Kinzarof Lagoon, Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

Court Dismisses Majority of Lawsuit Threatening Wilderness


Western sandpipers feed in Kinzarof Lagoon. USFWS photo by Kristine Sowl.

In an important ruling, the Federal Court dismissed most of King Cove and the State of Alaska’s claims against the Secretary of Interior’s decision to protect Izembek National Wildlife Refuge’s wilderness and internationally-recognized wildlife habitat. The decision only allows limited claims to go forward under the Omnibus Public Land Management Act and the National Environmental Policy Act; the court dismissed the rest of the claims.

Last year, the Secretary decided not to trade land with the State that would have allowed the construction of a road through the heart of the Izembek Refuge. King Cove and the State’s challenge will move forward, but on much more limited grounds. Trustees for Alaska represents eight groups in the case to support the Secretary’s decision to protect Izembek’s wildlife and wilderness values.

Brown bear crossing Izembek lagoon. USFWS photo by Kristine Sowl.

Brown bear crossing Izembek lagoon. USFWS photo by Kristine Sowl.

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