February 2011- Alaska Brief - Newsletter
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February 2011 Legal Brief

Dear Friend,

Trustees for Alaska works strategically to address some of the most important environmental issues affecting Alaska. We represent a wide range of clients from native villages, community and citizen groups, local and national conservation groups, statewide coalitions, hunting and fishing groups, as well as individual Alaskans. Please read on to learn more about some of our current work.


Trish Rolfe
Executive Director

The Pebble Case Goes to Trial

After two years of investigating and litigating the constitutionality of the State’s exploration and temporary water use permits for the Pebble Project, the two-week trial concluded on December 17, 2010. Superior Court Judge Eric Aarseth has begun his deliberations, and ordered the parties to submit post-trial proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law by mid-March. This means a ruling probably won’t be issued until late April.

During the trial, hundreds of documents were introduced as evidence in the trial and 50 hours of testimony was taken from scientific experts, Native residents that use the area for subsistence, a driller’s assistant who viewed the impacts of the exploration activities, a hunting guide who can no longer use the area for his guiding business because of the Pebble Project, and state and Pebble Limited Partnership employees.


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