Monthly Donors Help Reduce Trustees for Alaska Cost
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Give Monthly to Protect Alaska

Monthly donors help reduce our costs—which allows Trustees for Alaska to focus on protecting Alaska.

Giving monthly is an easy and flexible way to help protect Alaska by spreading your gift over a period of time. You can select to have your gift, of any amount, be paid monthly or quarterly automatically from your credit card.

Once you become a monthly donor you will only receive one mailing annually from Trustees for Alaska. You’ll receive a letter each January reflecting all your donations from the previous year. Your credit card bill will also serve as a monthly record of your contributions.

We will keep you up-to-date on our activities to protect Alaska with our electronic newsletter, Alaska Brief. From time-to-time you may also receive special invitations to events or opportunities for our most valuable donors.

Benefits of becoming a monthly donor:

  • Shrink your paper footprint
  • Stop getting multiple mailings
  • Reduce costs
  • Support Trustees for Alaska, all year long!

You can make a difference for Alaska. Your monthly gift, no matter the size, makes you a part of Trustees’ team working to protect Alaska.