Intern talks about Trustees experience
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Intern talks about Trustees experience

My internship at Trustees for Alaska this fall was an all-around wonderful experience. I found the assignments interesting and challenging, and I learned a great deal about how a non-profit law firm functions on a day-to-day basis. In addition to growing as both an attorney and an individual, I also grew as an Alaskan.

I drove up to Anchorage last May with my good friend Michelle and my two dogs, Rupal and Nuptse. Over the past six months, I spent my free time running on the local trails, hiking in the Chugach, and exploring my new home as much as possible. I backpacked around the Williwaw Lakes, canoed to a public use cabin in the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area, learned how to photograph the northern lights, tromped around on a few glaciers, and much, much more.

Marie and Nuptse at Mint Hut.

I worked on a variety of projects while with Trustees, but my favorite assignments required me to spend several weeks delving deeply into the issues. One project involved participating in the development of a claim. With the guidance of one of the Trustees attorneys, I conducted constitutional and legislative history research—some of which required me to track down materials in the library from half a century ago! After preparing my legal memo, I really enjoyed getting tough, thoughtful questions from the other attorneys. Their input helped us find the weak points of the claim and develop a stronger case.

I also appreciated the emphasis on quality of life and “resilience” that everyone at Trustees seems to share. Each member of the team recognizes the importance of mutually supportive relationships, engaging with and encouraging the work of their colleagues, and sharing their passion for the issues (as well as their struggles) with the rest of the team.

Of course, I loved being able to bring Rupal and Nuptse to work, too; wagging tails make everyone happier! (They wanted me to tell you that Greenie Fridays are the absolute best.)

My internship at Trustees met or surpassed all my expectations. I’m sad to say goodbye, but I am grateful for the experience and the wonderful people who helped make my time at Trustees so rewarding.