Join us on a Gates of the Arctic tour in June 2024!
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Join us on a Gates of the Arctic tour in June 2024!

It’s our 50th anniversary year, and we want to provide an opportunity for supporters to engage with the places we protect.

Gates of the Arctic. Photo by Carl Johnson

One way we’re doing that is offering a one-week backcountry trip to Gates of the Arctic National Park, a landscape with expansive mountains and valleys, dense and delicate vegetation, and an array of animals like arctic bumblebees, jaegers, brown bears, and caribou. The trip will include engagement with a professional photographer who will talk about and give pro tips on taking photos of animals and landscapes, as well as conversations with Teresa Clemmer, Trustees’ legal director, who can talk about how to protect the region.

We hope you can join us. Here’s the skinny.

Dates: June 24 – June 30, 2024

Where we’re going: Gates of the Arctic National Park, starting and ending in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Price: $8,995/person. Trip participants are responsible for their round-trip travel to and from Fairbanks, Alaska.

Trip Description: This seven-day basecamp adventure includes daily hiking and exploring with experienced guide while getting photography tips along the way. Expect to camp out and say goodbye to screens and to-do lists, and just experience a place vital to the health of Alaska’s Arctic region while learning about the area’s abundant life.

Hikers in Gates of the Arctic. Photo by Tundra Travel

Our partners: The trip is guided by Tundra Travels and joined by photographer Carl Johnson, a former Trustees’ attorney, winner of several nature photography awards, and owner of Arctic Light Images.

For More Information and To Sign Up: Secure your spot on this trip of a lifetime now. Contact us at (907) 276-4244 or contact us at