October 2012 - Alaska Brief - Newsletter
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October 2012 Legal Brief

Dear Supporter,

Throughout Alaska we continue to feel the impacts of climate change: record setting snowfall in Anchorage, extreme wind storms in Southcentral, and flooding from the Kenai Peninsula all the way up north to Talkeetna. Not to mention the devastation brought on by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast.

Although Alaska has a small population, it has the highest per capita rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Here at Trustees for Alaska — along with your support — our goals are to minimize Alaska’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions; especially by keeping Alaska’s vast coal reserves in the ground.

However, just a mere 60 miles or so Northeast of Anchorage lies the Matanuska Coal Fields, which is covered by leases to four proposed mines. Together these leases encompass 30,884 acres in the Matanuska Valley — and if developed, these coal fields would set precedents for all coal development in the state.

One such area is the proposed Wishbone Hill mine. If developed, these mines will endanger the health of nearby residents.

Please read on and learn how you can help us fight our latest battles on behalf of Alaska’s unique and diverse ecosystems, spectacular fish and wildlife populations, and the special communities we represent. I can assure you that we will use your dollars wisely — right here in Alaska — to fight for the protection of the resources that are a part of every American’s natural heritage. That’s our promise to you.

Sincerely, Trish Rolfe

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