Bobby Andrew: Bristol Bay Elder, Founder of Nunamata Aulukestai
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Remembering Bobby Andrew

Trustees for Alaska’s Executive Director, Vicki Clark remembers Bobby:

As we celebrate the various legal victories last week against the proposed Pebble Mine, we must remember one of the strongest advocates in the fight against Pebble: Bobby Andrew.

Bobby Andrew always carried No Pebble Mine stickers with him. Photo courtesy of Bob Waldrop.

Bobby Andrew always carried No Pebble Mine stickers with him. Photo courtesy of Bob Waldrop.

Just three weeks ago, Bobby Andrew went to his beloved cabin on Aleknagik Lake to fish for pike and whitefish. He sat down for a nap and did not wake up. As one of the people who worked with Bobby over the last decade to defeat Pebble, these victories are bittersweet. And I know Bobby would be so proud and happy.

Bobby was an elder in the Bristol Bay region and started or was involved in many organizations. He was a founder of Nunamta Aulukestai, a plaintiff in the historic Alaska Supreme Court decision issued May 29th. Bobby was relentlessly determined to protect the lands and waters that he loved so much and took time away from his family to travel widely advocating for that protection. He could talk endlessly about the importance of the water and the fish and the moose and the caribou to his way of life, traditions, culture, and family. He was compelling. He was a leader. He would never give up and he was always certain that we would win. And now the many decisions he helped to put into motion are bearing fruit.

I was amazed by Bobby, admire him tremendously, and can only hope to touch those that I meet in such a positive way.

Thank you, Bobby. We will carry on the fight.


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