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The Western Arctic needs you

Last month the Bureau of Land Management proposed a revised management plan for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, or the Western Arctic. The agency’s draft environmental impact statement for the plan offers four alternatives — one that would keep the existing plan in place and three that would revise the plan to open additional, currently protected areas to oil and gas extraction. What we nee is more protection, not less. … Read More

Another Arctic land grab

The Trump administration continues to put industry interests ahead of public health and the protection of land, water, wildlife, and people in what looks to be another Arctic land grab in Alaska. BLM announced it will reveal a plan that would potentially gut protections for designated Special Areas within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, or Western Arctic, that are essential to the health of Arctic wildlife and people. … Read More

The NPRA leasing process is broken

The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska —also known as the Western Arctic—provides rich wildlife habitat that nourishes the animals and people who rely on its continued health. Yet the Bureau of Land Management continues to hold lease sales in the area without … Read More

Join us in the Arctic!

We decided to host two trips to the Arctic this year to share some of the places, animals and people we work to protect from industrial threats. Both trips offer an opportunity to talk to attorneys about the specific actions … Read More

Alaska Brief–January 2019

  Federal employees got zero dollars on their paychecks. Air and water quality monitoring ceased in some communities. Trash accumulated at national parks. The consequences of the current government shutdown are severe and enduring, and will only get worse as … Read More

Save the Western Arctic

The Interior Department couldn’t protect national parks from vandals during the government shutdown, but it managed to fund meetings for its Arctic drilling agenda. Speak out now to help save the Western Arctic. The administration wants to allow more fossil … Read More

Alaska’s largest Arctic lake threatened

The Trump administration intends to undermine protections to public lands vital to wildlife and the health of the Arctic by opening them to drilling, pipelines and roads. The administration’s latest move would open protected areas of the Western Arctic, including … Read More

The legal waiting game

Trustees and its clients will play the legal waiting game this fall while waiting for several District Court decisions. These rulings could improve the health of our lands, waters and communities, or trigger ongoing litigation to defend against the threats … Read More

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